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Shower Leak Repair

Have you woken up in the night to the dreaded drip drop noise? When you go to investigate does it look like you have taken a shower already? Do you have to crank the handles of your shower faucet closed and it still does not stop. Your showerhead is leaking. Repairing a leaking shower head can be an overwhelming task for a person that has no experience. We have all the help you need right here.

This dreaded leak can be pesky it may appear in many ways throughout your home water spots on the ceiling below a bathroom. Drywall is becoming soft or the starting of corroded hardware. These are all signs that a shower leak repair is needed. When going to repair a leaking shower head we recommend you call a certified plumber to come help you with the task. This prevents you from creating a larger issue and making sure your home is in good working order.

Call us today to help with your leaking shower issues. We have expert trained technicians that will be able to fix this issue in a timely manner and make sure your house is better than when we entered it. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24 hour customer care will put you at ease that were are here for you 24/7.

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