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Thomas Crapper and the Toilet

Mar 01, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  Toilets

Thomas Crapper is sometimes credited with inventing the flush toilet. While his involvement with indoor plumbing – toilets included – was significant, the honour of the actual invention of the modern flush toilet goes to...

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The Great Debate - Toilet Paper Over or Under the Roll

Aug 31, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  General Plumbing

Does your toilet paper hang with the loose end over the top of the roll, or under the back? The infographic below takes a look at the age-old debate with some surprising facts and tidbits.

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Gravity vs Pressure Assist Toilets

May 25, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  Toilets

There are many things to consider when purchasing and installing a new toilet. One big choice is between using a gravity toilet or a pressure-assist model.

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History of the Modern Bathtub

Apr 13, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  Bathtubs

If you’re like many Canadians, it’s likely that you have bathed at least once in the last 24 hours. Modern indoor plumbing has provided us with clean, hot water on demand and tubs and showers installed directly in our homes for frequent bathing. But have you ever stopped to consider the origins of the modern bathtub?

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Funny Video for Your Friday

Mar 02, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  General Plumbing

I don’t know if there’s something specific that I expect to see when leaving a public toilet, but I expect that I certainly wouldn’t have expected THIS!

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Hard Water

Feb 02, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  General Plumbing

You may have heard the term 'hard water' before, but do you know what it means? Water hardness refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium minerals present in common household water. These minerals generally make their way into your water as a result of water travelling through limestone and chalk deposits.

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Weird Things Found in Sewers

Oct 13, 2017  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  General Plumbing

Maybe you or someone you know has flushed something… “different” down the toilet. While this is not a practice we recommend (seriously – you could end up with a big, expensive clog), the following infographic about some of the stranger things found in sewers really surprised us!

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World Water Day 2016

Sep 15, 2017  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  General Plumbing

Yesterday was the 24th annual World Water Day – a UN-sponsored an event that aims to raise awareness of the importance of fresh water throughout the world. Each year focuses on a different theme relevant to the needs of people around the world related to water...

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What Sump Pumps Do

Aug 04, 2017  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  Sump Pumps

A sump pump – as implied by its name – is a mechanical pump mechanism installed in a building’s basement that pumps water away from the home to prevent or mitigate water damage. The pumped out water is usually directed into a dry well, the city’s storm drains, or another safe location...

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Plumbing in Art

Jun 23, 2017  |  By Brham Trim (Calgary)  |  General Plumbing

Art can come in many forms. There are, perhaps, an infinite amount of mediums that could be used in art creation, but being plumbers, we at Action Auger are always on the lookout for artists and artisans that employ piping and other plumbing materials in interesting ways...

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